Scaling MongoDB by Kristina Chodorow

A single-server database can be only in 2 states: up or down. But Mongo DB Is Web Scale, right? :)

When my wife found the book in our city library, she offered me to read it because I’m interested in learning and using various data stores. And the book is 50ish pages so why not read it in a couple of hours?

Being not an expert in MongoDB at the moment of reading (and only reading does not make me an expert) I found some interesting facts about the sharding of document-oriented solutions.

Check my summary and reading notes below. I rated the book 4 of 5.

How To Choose a Technology For a Commercial Project.
Harmful Advice

Your company starts a new project. You and the team are excited about that. The current one became boring, smells a bit poorly, and the amount of duct tape across the codebase is monstrous. A good moment to start a new adventure.

The business scope of the new software looks defined, the budget is allocated, and you’re eventually asked to pick a technology stack for it: programming language, data storages, frameworks, libraries, development process and so on. You learned all mistakes in a hard way and going to make everything right this time.

Are you ready for the new journey? Excellent, I prepared some harmful advice for you. Check out if you already follow them.

Hey all y'all!

From the beginning of the 2017 year, I was thinking about starting a blog. I had a few options for the main subject:

  • BBQ
  • Burrito
  • Backend

Since I love all these things, it was not the easy decision for me, and it took half of the year to make it.

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