I enjoy knowledge sharing and technical conferences. Sometimes I give my talks about the techniques which we apply in the production environment. For instance, I did talks at PyCon Ukraine, PyCon Poland, WebCamp Ukraine and other local meetups like Austin Python Meetup and Kyiv Python Meetup.

Maybe, I can make a good one for your event ;). Reach me if you’re interested. I never give a talk on a topic which I spoke before so you will have a unique content from me.

List of the talks which I made:

Past talks


How to Stop Worrying and Start a Project with Python 3

We delivered one more Python 3 project to production, and I decided to share my thoughts about starting a new commercial one inside a company. The topic was really HOT for members of Austin Python community.

I told the story how I started using Python 3 instead of Python 2 at work. We discussed the reasons to use Python 3 over Python 2. Also, we talked how to negotiate a switch to Python 3 with a development manager.

What's New in Pythons 3.5 and 3.6?

We moved to the United States! I definitely wanted to join Austin Python community and made a talk inspired by the release of Python 3.6. I went thru my favorite features added to the language recently. I noted that adoption of Python 3 in production is around 10% due to the feedback from the audience.


Maintaining a high load Python project: typical mistakes

My first talk abroad was for PyCon Poland! And my first Python-related talk in English. You can watch the recording (45 mins).

The talk is the sequel of my talk for PyCon Ukraine about high load Python projects. This time we focused on the typical mistakes which Python engineers make and advice to avoid them. As a practical case-study, we looked into Load testing of Python applications with Locust and DataDog. Domain for the example was my pet-project KPIdata.

I enjoyed PyCon Poland 2016. The venue for the conference was great! I enjoyed delicious Polish food.

Also, it was amazing to find that Cesar Cardenas Desales, co-organizer of Swiss Python Summit and Zürich Python User Group, included my talk to the list of the ones that worth watching from the whole PyCon Poland 2016.

Instant messenger with Python. Backend development

As I found during PyCon Ukraine 2016, the topic of building instant messengers with Python is very interesting for Ukrainian engineers. The fact inspired me to prepare a dedicated talk about that for WebCamp Ukraine in Odessa. The recording of the talk in Ukrainian is available on YouTube (43 mins).

The lecture was built on my own production experience of development of a platform for real-time messaging with the features:

  • 100,000+ simultaneously connected users
  • 100+ servers
  • REST API for bots
The structure of the speech:
  • Messaging protocols
  • Life of a messaging platform
  • Lessons learned during the development

I wanna note that never been in Odessa before and liked the city. Looking forward to visiting it again.

Maintaining a high load Python project for newcomers

This talk was for the largest Ukrainian Python conference - PyCon Ukraine. You can watch the recording in the Ukrainian language (44 mins). I've been on the conference back before in 2014, and I knew that the audience expects thought-provoking content and well-prepared speakers. I did the intro for maintaining high load Python projects 100%-based on my own production commercial experience.

From another side, I used my pet-project KPIdata as the example for the case study: show last five feedbacks for a university course. The talk covered usage of the following technologies:

  • full-text search indices
  • key-value storages
  • metric aggregation
  • feature-flags for deployment

We also went thru developer's checklist for adding a feature to a high load project and revised development tools that help us to make our customers happy.

PyCon Ukraine - is my favorite conference, the community is awesome!


How to easily find the optimal solution without exhaustive search using Genetic Algorithms

It was my first technical speech for a non-student community. Fortunately, it was for Kyiv Python Meetup - very friendly folks which are always open to learning something new. I gave a talk about Genetic Algorithms - the approach which I used in 2 projects:

  • Software for personal nutrition planning
  • R&D project for embedded system for traffic analysis
The basics of Genetic Algorithms were explained by very simple synthetic example - solving a Diophantine equation. As well as I did in my production cases, I used DEAP as a framework to implement the solution.

Also, I like to watch recordings from talks/workshops made by other members of the engineering community. Usually, I watch 4-6 hours of video per week during my commute. If you think that some recording about backend software engineering might be interesting for me - email and I’ll appreciate. Let’s do link sharing!

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